Bandai JAPAN Movie Monster Series: GODZILLA 2005 (FINAL WARS)

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Brand: Bandai


  • A highly-detailed and colorful action figure with several points of articulation.
  • An accurate reproduction of the Kaiju monster as seen in the Godzilla series movie.
  • A cultural icon and a best-selling toy in Japan.
  • Made by Bandai, the world's largest toy company.
  • One in a large collection of Japanese movie monsters. Collect them all!

Publisher: Bandai

Details: Bandai JAPAN Movie Monster Series: 2005 GODZILLA (FINAL WARS). As seen in the Japanese movie "Godzilla: Final Wars" (2004) produced by Toho. Welcome to the wonderful world of Japanese movie monsters or Kaiju! The Bandai Movie Monster Series are soft vinyl toy figures based on the monsters that appear in the classic Japanese film series featuring Godzilla or Gamera and their most famous adversaries. Collect them all!

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