SHADOWBINDERS: Book One Graphic Novel / Comic Book (First Printing)

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LIMITED AVAILABILITY! These are the last copies of the first printing of Shadowbinders: Book One, which collects the first six chapters of the popular fantasy webcomic.

Mia White was an ordinary high school girl with ordinary high school problems. That all changed the day she was given her grandfather's mysterious journal and an even more mysterious antique ring -- one that transports her to another world! Now this ordinary girl finds herself in an extraordinary realm filled with airships, flying serpents and clockwork cities! But her biggest challenge may come in the form of handsome, aloof (and downright infuriating) mage Crimson Rhen... Shadowbinders Book One collects the first six chapters of the popular YA web comic into a graphic novel format. Set sail for steampunk, fantasy... and romantic comedy!

Writer: Kambrea Pratt
Artist: Thom Pratt (Kneon)
Publisher: Clownfish Studios LLC
(Full Color, 164 Pages)